Welcome to STOC


Welcome to The Original SUNBEAM-TALBOT OWNERS’ CLUB (First established 1936).
Covering Sunbeam-Talbot motor cars built between 1936 and 1957.


Whats it all about?

Sunbeam-Talbot owners’ club has been re-established as a fundraising organization. We have two main purposes. Our first is to preserve the vehicles for future generations to enjoy. We intend to do this through club members subs (£1 per week payable yearly, half yearly or quarterly) and also through various other fundraising activities.

The money raised will help fund tooling costs, and in some cases re-manufacture,in other cases these tools will be loaned to third parties who will manufacture and sell the parts on S.T.O.Cs behalf.

S.T.O.C  will get a percentage from the sale of these items, plus a fee for the loan of the tool which will then be ploughed back into the fund it will also retain ownership of the tool itself forever thus safe guarding the availability of a part previously seen as being financially unviable for commercial companies (E.G. Sunbeam-Talbot Spares) to produce.

Our second purpose is to promote the marquee. In order to secure additional funding we need to go beyond the traditional promotional areas.

The majority of owners of Sunbeam-Talbots are demographically in the over 50s. whilst it is most welcome for people of any age to be a Sunbeam-Talbot owner research has shown that people buy vehicles they have a link to:


“I remember them from when I was a kid” … or ” My dad had one so I bought one”….

But what about drivers who don’t have that link?

What would make a woman say in her mids 20's think “Do you know what I won’t buy a mini I’ll buy a Talbot ten” or a man who is in his early 30's think “I’ll sell my beetle and buy a Sunbeam Alpine”.

At the moment I am so sorry to say very little.

S.T.O.C. is committed to promoting Sunbeam-Talbots to these people may of whom don’t even know Sunbeam-Talbot exist.